BS Wild Garlic - Ramsons 'In The Green' (Allium ursinum)
January 2023 Delivery

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BS Wild Garlic - Ramsons 'In The Green' (Allium ursinum)

Wild garlic "Ramsons" naturalises readily in damp areas, woodlands, scrub, hedges and shady banks. The leaves are edible with a surprisingly mild flavour and exude an unmistakable garlicky aroma.

  • Height: 30cm
  • Flowers: April-June
  • Sowing Depth: 15cm
  • Soil Type: Moist

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Sowing & Establishment

How to plant your Wildflower Bulbs ‘in the green’

1 – Open up the box
Aim to plant the bulbs as soon as possible upon arrival. If you need to store them, leave the box open and keep them in a cool, dark and dry space with good ventilation, such as a shed or garage.

2 – What to expect
These are supplied as ‘in the green’ which means the bulbs have started the sprouting process and may or may not have a green shoot.

3 - Location
Choose a suitable location for the bulbs to be planted. Wild Garlic are suited to moist soils and prefer shade or woodland areas.

4 - Planting
Loosen the soil and use our bulb planter to create the hole.

5 – Depth and Spacing
Plant the bulbs with any shoots pointing up around 15cm deep, leaving around 30cm between each bulb.

6 - Shoots
Cover the soil, leaving any green shoots above the ground. Press the soil down firmly and apply water if necessary.

7 - Flowering
Sit back, relax and look forward to beautiful spring flowers! They may not always flower in their first year but will spread and naturalise over time.

8 - Aftercare
Once your flowers have finished flowering, leave them to die back naturally. If required, they can be split up and re-planted in late Autumn.