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Contents of ColourMax Summer Sunshine Mixture

Species Common Name Colour
Tropaeolum Flame Flower Red
Bupleurum Bupleurum Yellow
Calendula Pot Marigold Orange
Callistephus Chinese Aster Yellow/Orange
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Yellow/Orange
Coreopsis Tickseed Yellow/Orange
Eschscholzia Californian Poppy Orange
Lupinus Lupin Yellow
Tithonia Mexican Sunflower Orange
Zinnia Zinnia Red
Mirabilis Mirabilis Yellow
Cosmos Cosmos Yellow/Orange
Carthamus Safflower Orange
Adonis Pheasant's Eye Red
Clarkia Clarkia Red
Linum Flax Red
Papaver Poppy Red
Silene Silene Red
Tetraglonobulus Winged Pea Red
Nigella Nigella Pale Orange
Kochia Kochia Red
Celosia Cock's Comb Yellow Orange

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