How Much Wildflower Seed Do I Need?

Gardener planting wildflowers - Boston Seeds 

Before going out to purchase wildflower seeds, you need to make a measurement of the proposed lawn area. Lawns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so measuring to the nearest millimetre is not required, with around 10% accuracy being fine for seeding.


10% should be added for mismeasuring, 10% for seeds eaten by the birds and an additional 10% for filling in any thin spots around a month after sowing. This equates to approximately a third more seed than is required for your measured area. Any excess can be used in the future for lawn repairs, so will not be wasted.


Over-seeding your lawn after scarifying or raking


You should always overseed after scarifying to help the lawn return to a dense turf as quickly as possible. It is also a perfect time to introduce new types of grasses to your lawn.


For more information about overseeding, take a moment to read our 'Overseeding An Existing Lawn' article where you will find some useful tips to help you.