Repair & Avoid Damage caused by Dogs

Is dog urine killing your grass and creating yellow patches on your lawn?

Dog with a chew on a lawn - Boston SeedsDog urine on grass is bad for your lawn as it contains a high concentration of nitrogen. Nitrogen is a common component in most grass fertilisers and lawn treatments, but due to the concentration present in dog urine, this can often kill the grass.

Dogs are creatures of habit, often using the same areas to relieve themselves, causing nitrogen to build up in the soil to a level where the grass cannot survive. It is also true that female dogs can cause more damage than male dogs, as male dogs tend to relieve themselves little and often as they mark their territories. This spreads out the nitrogen and reduces the impact on the lawn.

Unfortunately there are no species of grass seed that are resistant to dog urine. However, there are certain varieties that are quicker to recover and more hard wearing generally. We recommend either our Childs Play or Renovator mixtures if creating a lawn which will be a dog play area.

To repair yellow patches on your lawn, we have an easy to follow advice article on How to repair your lawn with grass seed.

To avoid damage to your lawn we have some useful tips.

  • Dilute the concentration of nitrogen by spraying the area with a hosepipe or watering can after your dog has done its business.
  • Create a 'dog toilet' in a corner of your garden with bark, chippings or gravel and train your dog to use this area.
  • Feed the grass in autumn and spring with a suitable fertiliser to ensure the grass is healthy and in optimum condition.
  • Overseed the lawn with hardy grass seeds such as our Renovator mixture to increase the number of healthy plants to avoid bare ground developing.
  • Take your dog out on its lead and rotate the areas they use to urinate.