Paddock Grass Seed Advice & Tips

Horse paddocks require special attention and planning to help keep horses healthy and happy throughout the year. That’s why we offer a range of paddock grass seed to suit different needs, such as our Paddock Repair grass seed which is easy to establish and hard-wearing, or our Ryegrass-free, high-fibre Choice Paddock grass seed, which is perfect for those horses that struggle with Laminitis.

Not only that, but because your paddock grass is so important to your horse’s health, we’ve also put together some useful guides that cover some of the most frequently asked questions. 

You can read our care guide on plants that are toxic to horses so you know which weeds will need plucking as soon as you see them. For year round grass care, our yearly paddock maintenance planner makes sure you keep your paddock in top condition. Our paddock maintenance guide also gives you advice on common problems like overgrazing and our paddock maintenance how-to guide helps you understand how to implement steps like harrowing and overseeding.

If you still have more questions about the best paddock grass seed or have any questions that you can’t find answers to here, you can always get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to help.