Horse Paddock Care - Yearly Planner

Horse in a paddock - Boston SeedsCreating a mud free horse paddock is simple; just follow our regular maintenance plan to develop a dense and nutritious sward and keep weeds to a minimum.

Spring Paddock Maintenance


Summer Paddock Maintenance

If you have sufficient land, work out a rotation plan or divide the paddock into sections. See Maintenance.

  • Harrow - to pull out the dead grass and aerate the soil.
  • Fertilise - use horse safe paddock fertiliser to help promote grass growth (refer to manufactures recommendations for rest periods afterwards).
  • Level - using a roller level off rough areas. Ensure the soil is moist before rolling.
  • Weed Control -  remove any weeds, especially any that are toxic to horses


  • Regular Harrowing - to keep the soil aerated and remove any dead grass.
  • Control Grazing - review rotation or strip grazing plan dependent on weather conditions and grass growth to reduce the effects of over-grazing.
  • Topping - keep on top of rough grass areas with regular topping and, if necessary, take a hay cut off the areas that have been rested.



Autumn Paddock Maintenance


Winter Paddock Maintenance

  • Control Grazing - consider the rate of grass growth and adjust rotation or strip graze accordingly.
  • Consider feeding supplements - dependent on the weather there could be a decline in the nutrient state of the grass so consider putting out extra feed.
  •  Fertiliser - apply if required, but only on areas that aren't being grazed upon. Refer to manufacturers recommendations for rest periods afterwards.



  • Drainage - ensure the paddock is kept well drained and try to prevent any areas becoming waterlogged. This will help to keep the sward well established and dense.
  • Fencing- review the paddock area and check that the fencing is adequate.
  • Stocking Densities - keep the stocking of horses on each paddock to a minimum to prevent damage to the sward and help keep over- grazing to a minimum.
  • Fertiliser- review whether you will need to make plans to order any fertiliser or grass seed in preparation for the spring.