Boston Seeds and Buglife - Together we can make a Difference!

Boston Seeds is extremely proud to be the official and exclusive seed supplier to Buglife 'the invertebrate conservation trust', helping protect the UK's most endangered species of bees, butterflies and other small creatures.

Together, we have already created and restored thousands of acres of traditional wildflower meadows, providing some of the UK's most endangered species with food and habitat. However, there is still much work to be done...

Natural England (2011) estimate that from 1930 to 1983 over 97 per cent of wildflower meadows were lost throughout Britain. According to the RSPB (2016) over '56 per cent of the wildlife species studied have declined over recent decades' and it is estimated that within our lifetime, over 150,000 species will soon be gone if nothing is done to protect them.

Buglife is the only organisation in Europe which is dedicated to the protection and conservation of all invertebrates. They work throughout the UK helping to protect bees, butterflies and beetles for future generations, and in partnership with many other organisations to make conservation a national priority.

Launched in 2019 and forming a fundamental pillar of the UK's National Pollinator Strategy, Buglife's award-winning 'B-lines' project aims to create over 150,000 hectares of wildflower corridors across Britain. This groundbreaking scheme connects conservation areas across the country with 'insect pathways' which will allow our endangered wildlife to spread and thrive. We are absolutely delighted to be trusted as Buglife's chosen seed supplier for the B-lines scheme.

in 2018, Buglife and Boston Seeds created 200 hectares of wildflowers across some of the most neglected urban areas in the UK as part of their 'UrbanBuzz' project - helping nature thrive within our towns and cities. 

Buglife has chosen Boston Seeds to be their exclusive supplier, providing all their projects across the UK with native wildflower seeds, plants and bulbs. This is based on Boston Seeds' longstanding reputation for seed quality and commitment to providing seed of proven UK provenance. Seed mixtures are developed alongside Buglife and tried and tested to ensure they create diverse habitats which will last for years to come. 

For more information about Buglife and to see what projects are taking place in your area, take a look at the Buglife website. You can also join Buglife - for just £3 a month you can help provide them with much-needed support and be a part of saving our nation's wildlife.  


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