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Contents of ColourMax Magic Roundabout Mixture

Species Common Name Colour
Tropaeolum Flame Flower  Red
Cheiranthus Wallflower Mixed
Cynoglossum Cynoglossum Blue/Purple
Eschscholzia Californian Poppy Orange
Gilia Gilia Purple
Helichrysum Helichrysum Orange
Lobularia Sweet Alyssum White/Pink
Reseda Reseda Pale Yellow
Calendula Pot Marigold Orange
Callistephus Chinese Aster Yellow/Orange
Convolvulus Convolvulus Blue/White
Dorotheanthus Livingstone Daisy Pink
Petunia Petunia Pink/Purple
Centaurea Cornflower Mixed
Silene Silene Mixed
Godetia Godetia Pink/Purple
Papaver Poppy Mixed
Nemophila Baby Blue Eyes Blue


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