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Game Cover Seed Mixtures

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Click here for advice on game cover seed and sowing guidelines.   

Traditional Game Cover Mix

The Traditional Game Cover Mixture combines a broad range of species which will give a full season of cover and a supply of food.

  • A tried and tested mixture species which provides feed and cover
  • Sunflowers provide an attractive splash of colour
  • Differing seeds sized mean it is best broadcast rather than direct drilled
  • Game Maize, White Millet, Red Millet, Buckwheat, Kale, Sunflower, White Mustard, Forage Rape, Gold of Pleasure, Phacelia
  • Sowing Rate: 10kg per acre. Packsize: 10kg

Ambush Millet Mix

Ambush Millet is a mixture of white and Japanese reed millet seed. The white millet provides a source of food  whilst the Japanese reed millet provides cover.
  • The strong reed millet plant provides long season cover for flushing
  • White millet will provide the feed to hold the birds in the cover
  • Winter hardy allowing it to be used right through the shooting season
  • 40% White Millet, 40% Red Millet, 20% Japanese Reed Millet
  • Sowing rate: 5kg per acre. Pack Size: 10kg

Millgame Millet Mix

Millgame Millet mix is a popular choice to sow amongst maize to provide a valuable extra source of food to help hold the birds.
  • Can be grown on its own or mixed with game maize or kale
  • For best results- drill maize as normal, then broadcast/drill Millgame at right angles
  • Millgame can provide approximately 1-2000kg of high protein feed per acre
  • 50% Red Millet, 50% White Millet  
  • Sowing rate: 5kg per acre Pack size: 10kg

Boost Late Game Cover Mixture

A fast growing, quick to establish, frost hardy crop.Ideal to sow in late summer or early autumn to provide cover that will last throughout the winter.

  • Rapid growing catch crop
  • Excellent as a "rescue" mixture for patching failed crops
  • Ideal for when a late sown cover crop is required
  • Includes: Texsel Greens, Hybrid Brassica, Fodder Radish, Brown Mustard
  • Sowing rate: 2.5 kg per acre. Pack size: 5kg

Broadshot Cover Mixture

Broadshot is a mixture of selected species that contribute to feed and cover. 
  • An excellent mixture where both cover and feed are required
  • Can be left to regenerate for a second year
  • Facilitates economical weed control 
  • Contains: Buckwheat, Goldeneye Kale, Phacelia, Forage Rye, Yellow Blossom Clover, White Millet, Red Millet, Japanese Reed Millet, Quinoa 
  • Sowing rate: 6kg per acre. Pack size: 10kg. 

Cocker Game Cover Mixture

Cocker game cover seed mixture will provide a full season of cover as well as an excellent supply of seeds to keep the birds close to the covers.

  • Suitable for Environmental Stewardship Schemes.
  • Full season cover for up to two years.
  • Butisan herbicide tolerant.
  • Contains; Kale, Mustard, Fodder Radish and Linseed.
  • Sowing rate: 6.5kg per acre. Pack size: 6.5kg. 

Decoy Game Cover Mixture

Decoy Game Cover Mixture is an easy to establish mixture which will provide cover as well as a plentiful supply of seeds to feed the birds.
  • An excellent mixture where both cover and feed are required.
  • Provides a source of food throughout the season.
  • Easy to sow and establish as all the seeds are of similar size.
  • Contains: Linseed, Buckwheat, Red Millet, White Millet, Fodder Radish, White Mustard, Japanese Reed Millet, Gold of Pleasure 
  • Sowing rate: 10kg per acre. Pack size: 10kg. 

Flurry Game Cover Mix

A traditional and extremely popular game cover mixture that contains a wide range of species.

  • A mixture of species which provides feed and cover 
  • Differing seeds sized mean it is best broadcast rather than direct drilled.
  • Contains Sunflower, Phacelia, Buckwheat, Kale, Fodder Rape, White Millet, Red Millet, Maize 
  • Sowing Rate: 10kg per acre. Packsize: 10kg.

Four Ten Game Cover Mixture

      A popular mixture of Maize and Dwarf Sorghum which provides cover and a source of food throughout the season.
      • Provides cover and food throughout the season.
      • Dwarf Sorghum will provide added warmth and cover below the Maize.
      • Both crops have similar husbandry techniques for ease of management. 
      • 70% Game Maize, 20% Dwarf Sorghum, 10% Giant Sorghum
      • Sowing rate 14kg per acre. Pack size: 14 kg. Fungicide treated seed.

      Golden Retriever Game Cover Mixture

      Golden Retriever game cover seed mixture will provide a full season of cover as well as steady supply of seeds to hold the birds in the covers.

      • Excellent holding potential for pheasants and partridges.
      • Tried and tested reliable mixture.
      • Stomp Aqua herbicide tolerant. 
      • Contains; Dwarf Sorghum, Dwarf Sunflowers and Millet blend.
      • Sowing rate: 10kg per acre. Pack size: 10kg. 

      Kwik Fix Game Cover Mixture

      The name says it all! Kwik Fix provides rapid cover for late sown or for patching failed spring sown game cover crops.
      • Ideal mixture to replace or patch failed spring game cover.
      • A unique combination of the fastest growing game cover species.
      • Can provide cover up until Christmas.
      • 80% Fodder Radish, 20% White Mustard
      • Sowing rate: 5 kg per acre. Pack size: 5kg.

      Labrador Game Cover Mixture

      Labrador game cover seed mixture is designed to be used on cooler or more exposed northern sites. Features Triticale which is resistant to rabits.

      • Ideal for use on cold or exposed northern sites.
      • Full season cover for up to two years.
      • Creates ideal habitat for brood rearing.
      • Contains; Triticale, Mustard, Kale, Linseed and Quinoa.
      • Sowing rate: 20kg per acre. Pack size: 20kg. 

      Late Game Cover Mixture

      A combination of four rapidly establishing species to give season long cover. Will provide cover of 2-3 feet in height.
      • A versatile and easy cover to establish in all areas.
      • A rapidly establishing and maturing mixture providing winter cover.
      • Used as a patching crop when spring crops fail, will tolerate drought conditions.
      • 60% Forage rape, 30% Stubble Turnips, 7% White Mustard, 3% Fodder Radish.
      • Sowing rate: 5 kg per acre.  Pack size: 5kg.

      Northern Star Game Mix

      Northern Star is specially designed mixture which uses ingredients which are better suited to colder northern climates.
      • Ideal for use in colder, more exposed areas. Provide a haven of cover & feed.
      • Advisable to sow in wide rows to enable birds to have free access.
      • Triticale is beneficial as it is resistant to rabbits.
      • Spring Beans, Spring Triticale, Spring Wheat, Forage Rape, Kale, Quinoa, Yellow Blossom Clover seeds
      • Sowing rate: 20kg per acre. Pack size: 20 kg.

      Over 'n' Under Sorghum Mix

      A combination of two differing heights of sorghum. The shorter Dwarf Sorghum will give the birds protection from predators with the taller Giant Sorghum acting as a windbreak.

      • Creates thick and sturdy cover which will last for a full season
      • Best sown from May-June
      • Fungicide treated seed.
      • 50% Dwarf Sorghum, 50% Giant Sorghum
      • Sowing rate: 10kg per acre. Pack size 10kg

      Partridge Cover Mixture

      A very hardy seed mixture that will perform well on colder, poorer quality soils. Creates an open canopy which is preferred by partridges. 
      • Very hardy mixture. Thrives on colder, poorer soils
      • Mixture has an open canopy that encourages and holds partridges. 
      • Useful as a break crop from Kale.
      • Spring Barley, Spring Triticale, Linseed, Gold of Pleasure, Kale
      • Sowing rate: 25kg per acre. Pack Size: 25kg 

      Pro Driver Game Cover Mixture

      Pro Driver game cover seed mixture is designed to have a thinner canopy to allow easier access for birds to give more controlled drives.

      • Huge feeding potential from seed bearing species.
      • Provides blend of feed and cover.
      • More open canopy favoured by partridges.
      • Combines; Kale, Camelina, Quinoa, Linseed, Mustard.
      • Sowing rate: 6.5kg per acre. Pack size: 6.5kg. 

      Rescue Cover Mixture

      A fast establishing, maturing mixture ideal for patching failed crops or where a later sown crop is wanted. 
      • Provides cover and potentially seeds within 16 weeks of sowing
      • Rescue mixture for failed crops 
      • Rapid establishment
      • 50% Buckwheat, 15% Fodder Radish, 15% White Mustard, 10% Gold of pleasure, 10% Texsel Greens
      • Sowing rate: 5kg per acre. Pack Size: 10kg 

      Spaniel Game Cover Mixture

      Spaniel is a summer sown, drought tolerant game cover mixture which is easy to establish. Combines four different seed species.

      • Drought tolerant mixture which can be sown in the summer months.
      • Can be used for patching failed spring sown crops.
      • Easy to establish, can be broadcast directly into cereal stubble.
      • Combines; Mustard, Fodder Radish, Interval Rape/Kale, Ethiopian Mustard.
      • Sowing rate: 4.5kg per acre. Pack size 4.5kg.   

      Springer Game Cover

      Springer game cover seed mixture is ideal for areas which are difficult to sow on an annual basis. A blend of Perennial Chicory and Triticale.

      • Triticale provides feed for the first year, Perennial Chicory gives permanent cover.
      • Chicory is drought tolerant and will grow to a height of up to 1.5m.  
      • Triticale is resistant to damage from rabbits.
      • Contains: Perennial Chicory and Triticale.
      • Sowing rate: 15kg. Pack size: 15kg.

      Sundown Game Cover Mixture

      Sundown mixture combines Sunflower and Maize seeds, two of the most popular game cover seed species used in the UK.
      • Combines the fantastic feeding potential of both species.
      • Provides full season cover and feed.
      • Fungicide treated seed.
      • 75% Game maize, 15% Sunflower, 10% Giant Sorghum
      • Sowing rate: 13kg per acre .Pack Size: 13kg. 

      Zoom Brassica Mixture

      Zoom Brassica Seed Mixture is a blend of Winfred Hybrid Brassica and Forage Rape. A vigourous and quick growing seed mixture making it ideal for failed crops.


      • Provide cover for a whole season
      • Very vigorous and quick growing, ideal for replacing failed crops or patching
      • Good disease and bolting resistance
      • Blend of 50% Winfred Hybrid Brassica and 50% Napoleon Forage Rape
      • Sowing rate: 2.5kg per acre. Pack Size: 5kg

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