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Buttercup, Creeping (Ranunculus repens) Seeds

A Perennial Plant that has a yellow, glossy flower that is around 2cm in diameter. The foliage belonging to this plant is much coarser than Meadow Buttercup along with being lower-lying to the ground. The leaves are divided into 3 lobes with fraying edges and a hairy appearance. This plant has long, rooting runners which aid in the spread across an area.

  • Type: Perennial
  • Height: 30-60cm
  • Flowers: May-August
  • Best Sown: Autumn or Spring 
  • Soil Requirement: Damp 
  • Light Requirement: Full sun and partial shade 
  • Natural Habitat: Woods, wet-moist meadows, farmland, footpaths, wasteland
  • Also known as: Little Frog 
  • Seeds per gram: 500
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