Cereals Cover Crops

Cereals can be seeded later in the year than other cover crops. Producing considerable dry matter and reducing nitrate leaching while suppressing weeds. Especially easy to establish on poor quality soils, crops can act as a windbreak. Can be used on its own or paired with nitrogen fixing crops for improved gains. We welcome enquiries for bespoke mixtures and have expert staff on hand to offer advice. 

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Forage Rye Seed (Secale cereale)

This fastest growing rye, TURBOGREEN is a high yielding variety which can grow at the lower temperatures, making it ideal for late sowing or early harvests.

  • Fast initial development, high tillering and high output
  • Good growth in cold conditions, excellent winter hardiness
  • High nitrogen uptake throughout autumn
  • Sow in autumn for incorporation and use in the spring
  • Sowing rate: 150kg / ha
Black Oats Seed (Avena strigosa)

Black oats are becoming a popular choice with growers for catch and cover crops. Rapid growth and high biomass make it an option for biogas production.

  • Rapid establishment - faster than conventional oats or rye
  • Produces an excellent root network ground cover to reduce soil erosion
  • High biomass makes it an option for biogas production in AD plants
  • Upright growth habit makes it an ideal companion for Vetches. Not winter hardy
  • Sowing rate: 30 - 50kg / ha