Agricultural Herbs

A range of species that are suitable for Spring and Autumn sowing, herbs can be incorporated into existing grassland areas or paddocks to increase the palatability.

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Yarrow (Agricultural)

Perennial herb (Achillea millefolium) is very palatable and drought resistant.

  • White aromatic flowers
  •  Flowers: June onwards
  • Height: 40 -60cms
  • Sowing rate: various, foreign, untreated seed
  • Pack size: 2kg
Sheeps Parsley (Agricultural)

Perennial - (Petroselinum sativum) may struggle to survive under heavy grazing, very palatable.

  • Flowers: July - September
  • Height: Tall specie
  • Sowing rate: various; foreign, untreated seed
  • Pack size: 2 kilos
Sheeps Burnet (Agricultural)

Perennial (Sanguisorba minor), purple tinged small round flowers, smells of cucumber when crushed.

  • Flowers: May - September
  • Height: 30 cms
  • Sowing rate: various; foreign untreated seed
  • Pack size: 2 kilos
Sainfoin (Agricultural) (Onobrychis)

Sainfoin is ideal as a long term cover crop in free draining soils, with strong drought resistance and tolerance of low nitrogen soils.

  • A nitrogen fixing perennial legume with good drought tolerance
  • Excellent high protein forage for horses being very palatable 
  • Copes well with poor nutrient soils and drought conditions
  • Sainfoin leys can be considered to last four years or more
  • Sowing rate: 65-100kg / ha
Ribgrass (Agricultural)

Perennial. ( Plantago lanceolata), ribbed narrow leaves with brown flowers and cream anthers.

  • Flower spikes to 60mms on long ridges stalks, rich in minerals
  • Flowers: April - September
  • Height: to 30cm tall
  • Pack size: 1kg. Sowing rate: 4kg/acre  
Chicory Seed (Agricultural)

Chicory has a very deep tap root, making it suitable for sowing on dry soils. Often sown alongside a grass and clover mix to improve the soil structure and health.

  • Perennial (Cichorium intibus), pale blue flower - 3-5 cms across, light/chalky soils
  • Flowers: July - October
  • Height: Can grow to 1.5m
  • Sowing Rate: 5kg per acre. Pack size: 5kg 
BS Mixed Herbs

blend of perennial herbs suitable for improving the diversity existing paddocks, and providing additional vitamins and trace elements

  • After sowing the mixture, paddocks should be grazed in rotation
  • Improves the diversity of existing paddocks
  • Increases the range of nutrients available to horses
  • Contains: burnet, fenugreek, ribgrass, sainfoin, sheeps parsley and yarrow
  • Sow at 0.5kg per acre. Pack size: 2kg