BS Shady Place Grass Seed
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BS Shady Place Grass Seed

Designed specifically to produce a quality turf in shaded areas. BS Shady Place grass seed is perfect for under trees, alongside fences and hedgerows. Our shade-tolerant grass seed varieties are particularly well-suited to dry shade areas and lower fertility areas. For wet shade areas, choose BS Childs Play Lawn Seed.

  • Retains a lush, green appearance in areas of low sunlight (image is an actual photo of a BS Shady Place new lawn sowing)
  • Low maintenance and slow-growing
  • Use in dry or low-nutrient shaded areas
  • Contains: 27% amenity perennial ryegrass, 55% strong creeping red fescue, 10% slender creeping red fescue, 5% smooth-stalked meadow grass and 3% highland bent
  • Sow at 35 grams per sq/m - 20kg covers 570sqm
  • For best results, use with Pre-Seeding Fertiliser and a spreader

Need to know more? Check out our handy guide on how to grow grass seed in shaded areas to help you get the best out of every part of your lawn.

If you're in the shade (see what we did there?) about how much grass seed you need, our Grass Seed Calcluator will help you work it out!

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Click here for delivery information and charges.