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BS Lawn Patch Repair Kit

Choose our Lawn Patch Repair Kit to quickly and easily repair or reseed up to 100sqm of bare or thin patches on your lawn


  • 5kg Lawn Repair Grass Seed - containing sports pitch quality perennial ryegrass varieties, selected for rapid germination in as little as 7-10 days. Apply at 50g/sqm.
  • 5kg Pre-Seeding Fertiliser - to provide your soil with all the essential nutrients for healthy, hard-wearing and attractive grass swards. Apply at 50g/sqm.
  • Mini Handheld Spreader - for easy and accurate distribution.

Order today to repair your lawn patches in record time! Need to cover less than 100sqm? Our products can be stored and used for up to a year from purchase, so that you can keep repairing your lawn all year round.

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How To Use

How to repair lawn patches with BS Lawn Patch Repair Kit

1 - Loosen the soil - rake vigorously to loosen the top layer of the soil and create a fine seedbed.

2 - Apply fertiliser - spread the Pre-Seeding Fertiliser (included) at 50g/sqm using the Mini Handheld Spreader (included).

3 - Sow the grass seed - spread the Repair Grass Seed (included) evenly across the area at 50g/sqm using the Mini Handheld Spreader (included).

4 - Rake and roll
This step is essential for successful establishment. Gently rake over the area again to incorporate the seed into the top 1-2cm of the soil, so that there is very little seed still visible on the surface. Then lightly roll or tread the seeds in to ensure good seed-to-soil contact.

5 - Water
Water the area generously, and then every other evening for the first couple of weeks to keep the area moist.

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