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Saw-wort (Serratula tinctoria) Seeds

A perennial plant that is a relation of the Daisy. This plant has the appearance of a thistle, but without the spines. The name Saw-Wort comes from the serrated edge of the leaves thus having a Saw-like appearance. The Saw-wort has purple flower heads and sit in branched clusters. 

  • Type: Perennial 
  • Height: 70-120cm 
  • Flowers: July-September
  • Best Sown: Autumn or Spring 
  • Soil Requirement: Well-drained, chalky
  • Light Requirement: Full sun and partial shade 
  • Natural Habitat: Grasslands, open woods
  • Also known as: Dyer's plumeless saw-wort
  • Seeds per gram: 400
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