Wildflower Plant Collections

Our wildflower plants are a fantastic way to add life and colour to your garden in no time at all. If you’re struggling to decide which wildflower plants to go for, we have a wide range of plant mixes that have been specially curated for growth in specific environments. Whatever space you have to work with, we have a plant collection that will thrive.

All of our wildflower bulbs are sourced from trusted growers we’ve carefully selected for their high quality. Looking for seasonal wildflower bulb collections? No fear! You can explore our spring planting wildflower collection and autumn planting wildflower collection.

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The BS Dry Soils Wildflower plant collection is made of a minimum of ten species that can thrive in drought conditions. We even have plant collections that can thrive in areas of typically difficult growing conditions such as chalk and limestone wildflower plant collections and clay soil wildflower plant collections


Wildflowers are an especially popular flower choice for gardeners who want to encourage biodiversity. The BS Wild Bird wildflower collection is made up of small plug plant species that are known to attract birds to your garden. These flowers all grow during the autumn and winter so can be a valuable nutrient addition to birds in colder months. 

If you’re keen to get started with your own wildflower collection, we have many helpful guides on how to grow your own wildflower garden, too.