Mullein, Great (Verbascum thapsus) Plant

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Mullein, Great (Verbascum thapsus) Plant

The Great Mullein bears tall spires of soft, silvery leaves which spiral around the stem. In fact, this plant’s super-soft, hairy texture is just as well-known as the dense clusters of miniature pale-gold flowers it produces. Throughout history this plant’s seen a variety of uses, and in the garden it benefits bees and butterflies greatly, with some species of bees using its silvery ‘hair’ to build their homes. A friendly flower which helps the wildlife and adds a uniquely bright splash of colour to the backs of borders.

  • Type: Biennial 
  • Height: 100-180cm.
  • Flowers: July-September 
  • Soil Requirement: Well-drained
  • Light Requirement: Full sun
  • Natural Habitat: Woodland margins, clearings, waste grounds
  • Also known as: Aaron’s Rod, Feltwort, Velvet Plant
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