Landscape 34 Wildflower Turf®
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Landscape 34 Wildflower Turf®

Renovate your landscape quickly and easily using Landscape 34 Wildflower Turf® ! Combining over 30 UK Native wildflowers and grasses to create a natural ‘hay meadow’ appearance, this turf is able to excel in areas of both shade and light in a vast array of soils. Using a unique soil-less production system, this turf ensures weed-free results, guaranteeing great displays every time!

  • Over 30 UK Native wildflowers*
  • Shade and drought tolerant in a wide range of soils
  • Hardy and well climatised to UK climate
  • Minimum established height: 30cm. Maximum established height: 75cm
  • Typical applications: gardens, parks, private grounds and estates

* Get in touch today to find out the latest specification.

With a minimum of 75% wildflowers, this native wildflower turf provides the perfect, low maintenance solution to wildflower meadows.

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Head over to our advice page to find out more on how to create your perfect wildflower turf meadow!

Please note that due to the nature of Wildflower Turf, it is cut and lifted at the point of order. Therefore, unfortunately we’re unable to accept any cancellations or returns.


Click here for delivery information and charges.