Grass Seed Advice & Tips

Blades of Grass - How Much Grass Seed do I Need? - Boston Seeds How Much Grass Seed Do I Need? The amount of lawn seed that you need depends on what you are going to use the grassed area for. Learn more Overseeding an Existing Lawn - Boston Seeds Overseeding An Existing Lawn If you want to over-seed a tired, worn out or drought-damaged lawn, the best time to do so is the month of September. Read our article in full for more information about overseeding an existing lawn. Learn more Puppy in Grass - Things That Can Affect Your Grass - Boston Seeds Things That Can Affect Your Lawn There are many things that can affect your lawn here are the most common culprits. Read our article on things that affect your lawn. Learn more When You Should Sow Grass Seed When You Should Sow Grass Seed Unsure when to sow grass seed? Here we offer up some handy tips to help you get the best out of your lawn as well as what you need to consider when sowing grass seed. Read more... Learn more diseased grass - Common Lawn Diseases and Causes - Boston Seeds Common Lawn Diseases and Causes Read our article about some of the most common lawn diseases you will come across, and what causes them. Learn more Mud and Leaves - Compaction, Thatch and Moss - Boston Seeds Compaction, Thatch and Moss All lawns that are used suffer from compaction. Compaction causes water to run off the soil and starves the lawn of water. Read more... Learn more Yearly Planner - How to Plan Your Lawn - Boston Seeds How To Plan Your Lawn Before you start laying a lawn, make sure to plan out what you wish to achieve first. Read our article for help with how to plan your lawn... Learn more Ploughed Field - How to Prepare The Ground for Sowing - Boston Seeds How To Prepare The Ground After you have removed all the stones and other debris from your lawn area, you must properly prepare the ground. Read our 'How To Prepare The Ground' article in full for more info. Learn more February Lawn Care Tips - Boston Seeds February Lawn Care Tips With the first signs of Spring starting to show, February can be a challenging month for lawn care. Here are a few tips to help get you started. Learn more