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August Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care in August - Summer Lawn Maintenance - Boston Seeds

As you continue to enjoy your lawn due to the good weather August brings, it's important to stay on top of lawn care tasks. Keep mowing and feeding based on the lawn care schedule you have developed over the typically warmer summer months of June and July, but also use August to prepare your lawn for the upcoming autumn months of September and October.

Let us guide you through the tasks that will help you make the most of your summer lawn before the cooler weather sets in, and move into autumn with healthy turf.

What should I do to my lawn in august?

Here’s your August lawn care ‘to do’ list:

  • Regular mowing
  • Feed if required
  • Aerate compact areas
  • Weed control
  • Scarify
  • Overseeding

Mowing your lawn in August

Continue to cut the grass as you have done throughout the summer, around every 1-2 weeks. Keep mower blades high to avoid drying it out. Mow the lawn regularly so you can keep things tidy whilst avoiding cutting too short. Getting this right is one of the most important parts of lawn care - balancing growth and moisture levels.  

Consider sharpening your mower blades if you’re not achieving a clean cut. It’s not worth the risk of tearing the leaves whilst mowing, so if the summer has left your lawnmower a little tired, don’t forget to do some basic maintenance. 

Can you fertilise the lawn in August?

Yes, you can fertilise your lawn in August. It’s best to stick with a summer feed at this time of year, moving to an autumn lawn fertiliser from September onwards. 

This month, continue your lawn feed schedule by applying fertiliser every 6-8 weeks. Our spring and summer lawn fertiliser will provide the nutrients you need to keep a healthy lawn. If you’ve kept on top of applying fertiliser since early spring, you should be enjoying a robust summer lawn. 

Can I scarify my lawn in August?

Yes, you can scarify your lawn in mid to late August. It’s best to scarify late in the summer or early autumn. At this time of year, your lawn should be both warm and moist enough for the grass to recover well. 

Make sure you remove any thatch and use it for compost to improve the rest of your garden. Finish by overseeding with a suitable grass seed where necessary, and use a top dressing to help your lawns recover. 

Why scarify my lawn?

There are plenty of benefits associated with this process. It can help to remove dead weeds and moss, allowing both water and nutrients to reach the grass plants. You’ll improve your overall lawn health and reduce the chance of moss problems in the future. It’s also great preparation for overseeding. 

Sowing Grass Seed in August

Late summer is a good time to plant grass seed as the conditions are ideal for germination. Overseeding will help repair bare patches caused by high traffic and the heat of summer.

It’s ideal to over seed when you’ve removed debris and prepared the soil. It can be helpful to apply a pre-seeding fertiliser a few days before planting grass seed, too. Try our lawn repair grass seed to renovate damaged and patchy lawns. 

Don’t forget that newly sown lawns need plenty of moisture, so if there’s little rain, you might need to set up a watering schedule, too.

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy in Late Summer & Early Autumn 

There are a few specific challenges that your lawn can face in the summer months and through into the autumn. You’ll need to be aware of these to keep your lawns healthy and lush. 

Of course, warm and dry weather can still be a concern during August. Check our July lawn care advice for more information on watering your lawn to keep the grass in tip-top condition. 

August can be a heavy use month for your lawn, with school holidays and hot days making the garden a busier place than usual. Pressure on the surface of your lawn from feet, garden furniture and toys can compact the soil. Make sure you aerate these high traffic areas, as even established lawns will suffer under this kind of pressure. 

Extra August Lawn Maintenance Tips

Keep your lawn healthy with these additional lawn care tips:

  • Weed control: August is a good time to apply weed treatments to the whole lawn. You can also wait until September to do this if you have a weed problem. If you’ve kept on top of weeds throughout the summer, it’s best to continue with manual removal.
  • Moss: As moisture levels increase and the ground can be damp, you may start to see moss return as you move towards autumn. Get ahead of this problem now by raising mower blades for a longer leaf, and aerating the lawn for better drainage. Thin out plants or trees that are creating shade so the ground in these areas doesn’t stay too wet. Prevention is ideal as you’ll need fewer chemical treatments on your lawns.
  • Worms: You might notice a return of worm casts as damp weather increases. This is a sign your lawn is healthy but can be a problem when mowing. Brush worm casts back into the lawn to create an even surface.

Congratulations on keeping on top of your lawn care during the spring and summer months! As we move into autumn and the weather changes, your lawn care tasks will need to adapt too. Make sure you keep up with our lawn care diary for the colder months to keep your lawns healthy and happy all year round.