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Paddock Grass Seed

A range of quality horse paddock grass seed mixtures, suitable for horses and other animals or general paddocks. Grass seed for paddocks and grass seed for horses as well as paddock repair or renovation. Buy quality paddock grass seed online or call 01205 280069 for advice, or view our advice pages for help with basic paddock maintenance and more. All available with Next Day Delivery.

BS Economy Horse Paddock Grass Seed

Economy horse paddock offers excellent value for money. Quick to establish and suitable for a broad range of soil types. 

  • Fast germination and persistent grass species
  • Suitable for both new paddocks and overseeding
  • Responds well to fertiliser and can be used to take a hay cut
  • Contains: 67% perennial ryegrass, 25% strong creeping red fescue, 8% timothy
  • Sow at 13kg per acre. Pack size: 13kg

BS Classic Horse Paddock Grass Seed

Classic horse paddock grass seed is our most popular paddock mixture. Provides fast establishment and durability with top quality grazing

  • Quick to establish and produces a dense, hard-wearing sward
  • Quality, palatable grazing for horses and suitable for hay cut if required
  • Superior mid and late season performance
  • Contains: 35% intermediate perennial ryegrass, 35% late perennial ryegrass, 20% strong creeping red fescue and 10% timothy
  • Sow at 14kg per acre. Pack size: 14kg

BS Choice Horse Paddock Grass Seed

Choice horse paddock grass seed is a ryegrass free mixture which is high in fibre yet low in sugars. Better suited to horses prone to laminitis

  • Diverse mixture which reduces grazing output but still allows for a hay cut
  • Suitable for use in lower fertility sites or low nitrogen fertiliser regimes
  • Persistent in dry soils, altitude and cooler sites. Very palatable grazing
  • Contains: 33% strong creeping red fescue, 20% tall fescue, 15% timothy, 10% meadow fescue, 7% sheeps fescue, 9% cocksfoot, 6% smooth-stalk meadowgrass
  • Sow at 13kg per acre. Pack size: 13kg

BS Triple 'H' Horse Paddock Grass Seed

‘Triple H’ stands for ‘Horse, Health and Herb’ - a superior quality herbal paddock mixture for establishing new paddocks or rejuvenating existing paddocks. 

  • Enriched with palatable herbs which are rich in trace elements and minerals
  • Provides persistent grazing and a quality hay cut if required
  • Mixed herbs include chicory, burnet, sheeps parsley and yarrow
  • Contains: 40% perennial ryegrass (2 varieties), 25% early perennial ryegrass, 17.5% strong creeping red fescue, 10% timothy, 5% smooth-stalk meadowgrass and 2.5% mixed herbs
  • Sow at 13kg per acre. Pack size: 13kg

BS Triple 'H' without Ryegrass Horse Paddock Grass Seed

All the benefits of our Triple H mixture with all of the benefits, excluding ryegrass which makes this mixture suitable for horses prone to laminitis. 

  • Enriched with palatable herbs which are rich in trace elements and minerals
  • Persistent in dry soils and this mixture is high in fibre but low in sugars
  • Mixed herbs include chicory, burnet, sheeps parsley and yarrow
  • Contains: 30% strong creeping red fescue, 10% meadow fescue, 20% tall fescue, 12% timothy, 10% sheeps fescue, 10% cocksfoot, 5% smooth-stalked meadow grass and 3% mixed herbs
  • Sow at 13kg per acre. Pack size: 13kg

BS Paddock Repair Grass Seed

Designed to quickly repair the most badly worn areas of paddocks and provide a very hard wearing sward. Perfect for use in gateways and along fence lines. 


  • Formulated specifically to repair damaged paddocks in the shortest time 
  • Ideal for gateways, fence lines and other areas that are prone to poaching
  • Inclusion of amenity ryegrass provides a more hard wearing and persistent sward
  • Contains: 50% amenity perennial ryegrass and 50% agricultural perennial ryegrass
  • Sow at 10-15kg per acre. Pack size: 20kg

BS Mixed Herbs

A blend of perennial herbs suitable for improving the diversity of an existing paddock, and providing additional vitamins and trace elements.


  • After sowing the mixture, paddocks should be grazed in rotation
  • Improves the diversity of existing paddocks
  • Increases the range of nutrients available to horses
  • Contains: burnet, fenugreek, ribgrass, sainfoin, sheeps parsley and yarrow
  • Sow at 0.5kg per acre. Pack size: 2kg

BS Polo & Gallops Grass Seed

This mixture is ideal for new courses and end of season renovation. Quality cultivars combine strong appearance with high performance and wear tolerance.


  • Produces a high performance, hard wearing sward
  • Deep roots improve long term wear tolerance and recovery
  • Should be mown at 75-100mm
  • Contains: 40% diploid perennial ryegrass, 30% tetraploid perennial ryegrass and 30% smooth-stalked meadowgrass 
  • Sow at 35-50 grams per sq/m - 20kg covers 400-575sq/m

BS Spring Paddock Fertiliser 12.6.6

BS Spring Paddock Fertiliser is a high quality fertiliser specifically designed for the unique nutritional requirements of horse and pony pastures.


  • Encourages strong growth to provide grazing or a hay cut if required
  • Can be applied during the spring and summer
  • An effective fertiliser regime is essential to maintain a healthy and dense sward
  • Contains NPK at a ratio of 12.6.6
  • Recommended coverage is 20kg per 575sq/m (approx. 6-7 bags per acre)

BS Towable Spreader BS-6000

A truly professional model, this towable spreader has a large capacity and rain cover, representing great value for money.


  • Suitable for ride-ons and quads
  • Fully enclosed gears with 35cm tyres and adjustable flow control
  • Capacity: 60kg seed / 80kg fertiliser
  • Spreading pattern: up to 3.5 metres

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