May Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care in May - Lawn Maintenance - Boston Seeds

As spring continues and May brings warmer weather, your lawn will likely respond quickly and seemingly awaken from its wintery slumber all at once. In fact, May and June are the peak months of the year for grass growth. That's why your lawn will need your full attention, energy, and enthusiasm at this time of year.  

Late Spring Lawn Care

In terms of lawn care, May is a good time for weed control, fertilising, mowing, aeration, seeding and repairs. If you've been following our lawn care calendar, you might have already tackled some of these jobs, which will make your gardening workload a little lighter. Nevertheless, a certain level of late spring lawn care is vital for keeping a healthy and luscious lawn.

What should I do with my lawn in May?

Here's a more detailed overview of May's lawn care advice:


As the weather warms up, soil temperature increases, and this creates the ideal conditions for grass growth. To keep a manicured lawn, keep on top of regular mowing. You might need to cut the grass more often than you did in April. Around once a week is usually ideal. Keep an eye on weather conditions though, as spring weather can still be unpredictable and changeable. 

Don't try to cut corners by mowing the lawn very short, as height is very important for lawn health. If you scalp the grass by setting the mower blades very low, you can weaken the grass and encourage weeds. Focus on frequently cutting the whole lawn to keep it tidy and encourage healthy growth.

No Mow May?

If you're reading this, you're probably a fan of a neatly manicured, green, and healthy lawn. But what about the rest of your garden? A fabulous outdoor space needs flowers and plants for colour and texture. To support our ecosystem, we need bees to pollinate our wildflowers. A thriving community of bees is positive, healthy and vital for the growth of flowers, fruits, nuts and seeds.

The 'No Mow May' campaign by Plantlife which is backed by the National Trust, encourages gardeners to play their part in helping bees to thrive. Simple changes to mowing habits can help provide enough nectar for 10 times more bees, allowing many plant species the time they need to grow and flower. Simply stop mowing throughout May to take part and do your bit. 

Is May too late to fertilise my lawn?

No, May isn't too late to fertilise your lawn. We'd recommend you apply lawn feed in April, but if you didn't find the opportunity for feeding, you can still do this in May using a spring and summer lawn fertiliser.

Can you scarify your lawn in May?

Yes, you can scarify your lawn in May as it is in a state of active growth. It is best to remove dead grass, moss and debris before they prevent water from reaching the roots. We'd recommend doing this in April as it's not as warm, but if you missed the window, keep an eye on the weather. If the weather is very warm and dry in May, try to hold off and scarify in the autumn instead. 

If you do tackle scarification during May, your lawn may benefit from aeration too. Use a garden fork and add top dressing to complete the process.

Can you reseed a lawn in May?

Yes, you can reseed your lawn in May. Warmth and moisture are needed for germination, so you may need to keep an eye on moisture levels and consider watering if you're overseeding in May.

Seeding a lawn in May can help to repair bare patches and produce a healthy-looking, even lawn. Try our economy grass seed for fast results on a budget. Water the ground well before sowing new grass seed if conditions have been dry.

Weeds and Moss

Spring is a good time of year to kill weeds before they grow, sprout and seed.  Try a selective weedkiller for lawns to protect your grass whilst tackling a weed problem.

It's also a good time to apply a moss killer if you haven't already, getting your lawn looking its best. Try our lawn feed and weed plus moss killer for a great all-in-one treatment that can be applied between March and September.

May Garden Tasks

If you want to tackle even more jobs this month, here are some extra lawn care tips:

  • Keep edges trimmed for tidy-looking turf!
  • Spring is a good time to repair any lawn damage. Matching existing grass with new seed can be difficult, it may require overseeding the whole lawn.
  • If you're out in the garden more, don't forget to move furniture, paddling pools, rugs, etc around regularly to avoid staving grass plants of sunlight.
  • After a heavy shower, look out for grass that's bending down. You shouldn't mow the lawn until the grass is standing back up again. This shows it's dry enough for a cut.

Don't forget to check the rest of our lawn care diary for advice on how to treat your lawn every month of the year!